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Old Bloxhamists featured in RHINO LINK King’s African Rifles’ Journal

Four Old Bloxhamists were featured in the special 75th Anniversary of VJ Day edition of the King’s African Rifles’ Journal RHINO LINK.

This special edition was produced to mark the 75th anniversary of the Allied Victory in the Far East, which was celebrated in August this year. The King’s African Rifles Association has about 370 members world-wide, and the journal is a central part of the association.

The journal features Peter Wood (Wn 44-51) Queen’s Colour, and John Catton (Wn 46-51) Regimental Colour and also the journal’s editor, on the Queen’s Birthday Parade 1958 (pictured right, in the front).

Further pages feature Mark Thomas (Cr 43-49), who served in the King’s African Rifles in the 1950s in Kenya and went into Colonial Administration in Utete in Tanganyika (pictured left, at the river crossing).

The edition also features memoirs from the Rev’d Peter Ettrick CF (Wf 24-31), in a piece called A Padre in Arakan in the Burma WWII Campaign.

For more information about the King’s African Rifles, visit their website:

Kings African Rifles and East African Forces Association (

Thank you to John Catton for sending in this news, and many congratulations to him and his wife Sue, who celebrated their 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary this year, even receiving a card and good wishes from HM The Queen.