The scholarships offered at Bloxham School are academic, art, design and technology (DT), drama, music, organ and sport, and are available at 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry levels.

Bloxham School awards scholarships on the basis of a student’s potential to achieve, rather than relying solely on what they have been taught previously.

Successful applicants can benefit from a fee remission of up to 10% of the day or boarding fee. Parents whose children have successfully gained a scholarship in any discipline are still able to apply for bursarial support if they are eligible.

Internal scholarship applicants for 13+ and 16+ (those in Second Form and Fifth Form) should contact Director of Teaching and Learning, Azita Kazem.


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Scholarships available at each entry point


Academic scholarships at 11+ are awarded based on applicants’ performances in the entrance exams, which take place in the November before they are looking to start. If applying for an art, DT, drama or music scholarship, prospective students will sit particular assessments and meet with the relevant Head of Department.

Please note that sport scholarships are not offered at 11+.


Those applying for an academic scholarship at 13+ will be invited to sit a series of papers to demonstrate their ability across the curriculum. Scholarships are also available to students in art,
drama, DT, music and sport. Awards will be based on interviews and particular assessments.


At 16+, students wishing to be considered for an academic scholarship will sit a General Paper plus papers in two other subjects, preferably those that the candidate wishes to study at A Level. At this level, scholarships are also available in art, DT, drama, music, the organ and sport.

Scholarship Application Submission Deadlines

YearDeadlineAssessment Date
11+ Scholarships (Art, Drama, DT Music) 2022 entry

Applications have closedWednesday 10th November 2021
13+ Scholarships (Art, Drama, DT, Music) 2022 entry

Applications have closedThursday 11th November 2021
13+ Scholarships (Sport) 2022 entryApplications have closedFriday 12th November 2021
13+ Scholarships (Academic) 2022 entryApplications have closedTuesday 25th - Thursday 27th January 2022
16+ Scholarships (Academic) 2022 entryApplications have closedTuesday 1st February 2022
16+ Scholarships (Sport) 2022 entryApplications have closedThursday 3rd February 2022
16+ Scholarships (Art, Drama, DT, Music, Organ) 2022 entryApplications have closedFriday 4th February 2022
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