Bloxham offers provision for boarding, day boarding and limited places for day house students.

Boarding offers a full or weekly boarding experience. Day boarding includes two nights boarding within the fee and entitles students to stay for supper and a supervised programme (including prep) until 9.00pm. Merton, the Senior Day House, does not cater for boarding and students will usually be expected to leave at 6.00pm.

For all students, the day begins at 8.15am with registration, followed by assembly, tutor time or Chapel. Lessons begin at 8.50am and continue until 6.00pm. Lower School (First and Second Form, Year 7 and 8) are schooled Monday to Friday (with optional Saturday sport sessions), whilst Senior School (Third Form upwards, Year 9 to 13) are schooled Monday to Saturday with compulsory Saturday afternoon sport.

Regardless of their boarding status, all students will enjoy the same high standards of all-round education, excellent pastoral care and access to facilities. Take a look at our boarding and day facilities in our Virtual Tour.

Lower School (11+, First and Second Form)

The Lower School students have their own common room in Exham House in a secluded part of the main campus.

Lower School boarders are accommodated at Park Close, a beautiful building with access to a large garden, a short walk from the main campus.

Boarding, day boarding and day places are available:

  • Full boarding is available from Monday to Saturday. Supervised prep is completed Monday to Friday until 9pm. Boarders have access to a full weekly programme of House activities including trips and enrichment events.
  • Day boarding offers two nights of boarding (Monday to Friday) and the opportunity to stay until 8.15pm with supper, supervised prep and House activities, but no boarding (Monday to Friday).
  • Day students attend Monday to Friday from 8.15am to 6.00pm. Boarding is available on an ad-hoc basis.

Senior School (13+, Third Form upwards)

From Third Form, all pupils join one of the senior houses.

Boarders and day boarders join one of the four boys’ boarding houses or three girls’ boarding houses. The boarding houses provide the students with a familiar and friendly base to return to when they are not in lessons or activities. The houses are very homely and each has a strong identity. You can find out more about the houses here.

Bloxham also offers an eighth mixed senior house catering for day pupils, named Merton. The house has study rooms, lockers for storing books and belongings, and wash/changing rooms. There are common room areas with the usual entertainments and small kitchens to make drinks and snacks at break and lunchtimes.

  • Day boarding offers two nights of boarding. On non-boarding nights, students stay until 9.00pm with supper, evening prep, boarders’ activities and social time.
  • Day students (Merton House) attend from 8.15am to 6.00pm. Boarding is not catered for.

Boarding FAQs

Deputy Head and Seymour Housemaster Matt Bull answers parent’s frequently asked questions about boarding. What is day boarding, what facilities are available in each house and what pastoral support is available?


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