At Bloxham, we extend a warm welcome to students who join us from overseas.

We are a friendly and inclusive school which celebrates diversity and values learning about other countries and cultures. Though only a small proportion of our community, international pupils settle very quickly into life here.

Overseas boarders are swiftly made to feel part of the school community, and pupils take the initiative in making sure that significant festivals that would be marked in their home countries are recognised in the house.


We are a small, nurturing school with an excellent reputation for pastoral care. International students are fully integrated into our pastoral system and placed alongside British students in seven senior boarding houses. This ensures they have every opportunity to meet and mix with British children, improve their English language skills and become fully engaged with our culture.

We welcome applications from students of all nationalities, with main entry points at age 13 (Third Form), 14 (Fourth Form) and 16 (Sixth Form).

Take our Virtual Tour for an introduction to the beautiful Bloxham campus, including classrooms, boarding houses and much more.

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