Philanthropy has long been part of the Bloxham story. Our bursary and hardship funds, along with much of our campus, owe a great deal to the generosity of our well-wishers. So much has been made possible by the generosity of Old Bloxhamists, parents, grant-making trusts and others whose support has ensured that the spirit of Bloxham lives on. We are deeply grateful to them all.

Today our fundraising activities support a range of causes and we aim to offer something for everyone. Our priority, however, is fundraising for mean-tested bursaries – to enable as many children as possible, irrespective of their background, to benefit from a Bloxham education. Single gifts, regular gifts and legacy gifts are all most welcome and for many donors they can be highly tax-efficient. Please click on the links below to find out more about what type of gift you could make and what it could support.

For more information or for a confidential discussion please contact the Development Office at [email protected] or 01295 232040.

Giving to Bloxham

Bursaries - a gift of a Bloxham education

Access to Bloxham changes lives

Bloxham School is an exceptional place – a great school that exists within a very special community. So much has been achieved since the School was founded by Philip Egerton in 1860 and as we look forward we are determined to keep honouring Egerton’s vision, that Bloxham should be a school for all families from all backgrounds – with financial support available to help those who need it.

Assisted Places, scholarships, bursaries and hardship support are all in Bloxham’s DNA. Financial support has always been available to those who would benefit from being at Bloxham but cannot afford full fees.

In the current economic climate, demand for bursaries is increasing while our ability to fund them becomes more constrained. Fundraising and legacy giving are now more important for us than ever before as we strive to ensure that pupils from all backgrounds will always be able to benefit from a Bloxham education.

Funding for bursaries is sought at all levels. It can be achieved through single gifts and regular giving from individuals, which will benefit from Gift Aid, as well as gifts from businesses and foundations and trusts.  Endowed gifts are invested and generate bursary funding in perpetuity.

There are many ways to support us and if you are in a position to donate, please contact the Development Office at [email protected] or 01295 232040 for a confidential discussion about supporting at a level that is right for you.

Buildings - a gift to the entire school

Gifts may be used for the purposes of providing future buildings and facilities, or restoring historic School buildings, thus providing an enduring gift for many generations of Bloxhamists. The Egerton Library, the Memorial Arch and the Dewey Sports Centre are all wonderful examples of how gifts can contribute to the benefit of many thousands of pupils:

  • First class facilities not only support exceptional teaching but also ensure that the School is competitive and attracts first class staff as well as bright, ambitious pupils; and,
  • Historic buildings are the beating heart of the School and their long-term maintenance and ongoing upkeep help to maintain tradition and ensure that the Spirit of Bloxham thrives.

The donor map provides an overview of the buildings on the campus that have been supported by generous donors. All are wonderful examples of how gifts can contribute to the benefit of many thousands of pupils.

Download Donor Map

Academic Endeavour - a gift to the wider community

Supporting Bloxham’s delivery of a passion for learning and a balanced curriculum, gifts used to support the curriculum will enable the School to maintain its first-class teaching and to introduce new subjects, teach new skills and deliver wide experiences.

The Pittaway Music Fund is a wonderful example of how a gift (in the memory of OB Michael Pittaway, donated by his family) can enhance the academic provision of Bloxham, in this case in music, while also helping bursary pupils. The School worked with Michael’s family to create a programme that reflected his love of music and helped to develop a life-long love of music in many Bloxhamists.

Other gifts

A Restricted Gift – Your Personal Gift

If you would prefer your gift to be applied to a specific purpose, please contact the Development Office to discuss so that the full details and implications can be considered and agreed.

An Unrestricted Gift – The Most Flexible Gift

While the inclination to provide a gift for a specific purpose is understood, gifts which are made on an unconditional (unrestricted) basis are valued highly by the School as they provide flexibility to address the needs, as yet unknown, at the time of receipt.

Contact us

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