We welcome applications from students of all nationalities.

While we are happy to accommodate applications from individual pupils, we prioritise those from our preferred agents. For details of these agents or to become a preferred agent please email the Admissions team, who will be happy to hear from you.

If you wish to apply please follow this step-by-step guide.

International Application Process
1. Make an Enquiry
2. Visit the School
3. Register Your Child
4. Entrance Examinations
5. Offer and acceptance of place
6. Induction

Make an Enquiry

The majority of students join at Third Form/Year 9 (13+), Fourth Form/Year 10 (14+), or in Lower Sixth (16+).

Enquiries can either be made directly to the school [email protected] or through an established agent.


Visit the School

We welcome student and agent visits to the school for an individual tour and for an interview with a member of our Senior Leadership team.

Students who are unable to visit the school will be interviewed via Teams, where an initial assessment of their language skills and interests is taken.

For those unable to visit, please watch the video below for a short glimpse of what Bloxham’s site has to offer.


Register Your Child

Competition is strong and we advise early registration to secure a place. Please note that if a candidate requires sponsorship to join the school, this should be raised with the Admissions Department as soon as possible. It is a condition of sponsorship that students are full boarders for the duration of their studies at Bloxham School.  Those wishing to register will be asked, via their agent, to provide relevant school reports.


Entrance Examinations

The following language levels are required:

Third Form (age 13-14) B1 minimum

Fourth Form (age 14-15) B1/B2 minimum

Lower Sixth (age 16-17) C1 minimum


All international pupils are asked to complete entrance tests in Maths and English.


13+, 14+

Online Password entry tests in Maths and English



Online Password entry tests in Maths and English. All applicants will need to be able to show, through their reports, the ability to achieve an equivalent to GCSE grade 6 or above in the subjects they wish to study at A Level. Those wishing to study maths and/or science at A level will be required to sit additional papers.


Upon successful completion of the tests, applicants who have visited the school, submitted their reference and school report and been interviewed will be offered a place. Those who have not been able to visit in person will be interviewed via Teams before an offer is made.

Entrance tests can either be taken at Bloxham or at the child’s current school, British Council Office or agent’s office, provided adequate invigilation can be guaranteed.


Offer and acceptance of place

Following successful completion of entrance tests, receipt of a positive school report and reference and satisfactory interview, an offer to join Bloxham will be made.

An acceptance fee is payable upon acceptance of a place. For overseas pupils a deposit is required (refundable when the child leaves Bloxham) plus a non-refundable Acceptance Fee of £1,500. Where an agency is involved with the placement of a pupil, such terms may be incorporated within an agreement between both parties.

An overseas compliance fee of £600 is included within the Overseas Boarder Fee to ensure all Child Student visa requirements and related incurred costs are covered.

Once an offer has been sent out and the relevant paperwork and acceptance fee have been returned to us, a pupil’s place will be confirmed.



Once your child’s place is confirmed you will be sent a joining pack in the term before they start which includes a wealth of information to help you prepare for their start at Bloxham School.

Our International Pupil Induction programme helps international pupils integrate quickly. It takes place immediately before the start of the academic year and details will be sent out with your joining pack.

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