All Bloxham School uniform is available to purchase online.

First to Fifth Form pupils wear the school uniform of school blazer, black school jumper, school blouses or shirts together with charcoal grey trousers for boys and the school kilt or black trousers for girls. Kilts should sit close to the knee. Coats have also been introduced to our uniform list. Boys also require their school House tie and school tie, or authorised school club tie. All items can be purchased from our uniform provider, Schoolblazer. All uniform clothing can be delivered with name tags already sewn in. Shoes must not be trainer-style.

Sixth Form students wear business suits with conventional shirts or blouses. The suit jacket and the skirt or trouser must match and be either plain or both with a subtle pinstripe. Skirts should sit close to the knee. Boys’ suits must not be checked. The boys wear a designated school or house tie, and the girls may wear a plain coloured cardigan or v-necked jersey. A dark navy blue/black overcoat may be worn outside only if a jacket/blazer is also worn. Two style options are available from Schoolblazer suppliers. Recognising the difficulty to find suitable and appropriate business suits for both boys and girls, Schoolblazer also provides an acceptable option specifically for Bloxham School Sixth Form students again available through the online uniform shop. Download full details here of the Sixth Form dress code for boys and girls.

Sports clothing is available from SpeedOneSports. We have a standard sports kit range that is designed to be suitable for most sports throughout the three terms, whilst also trying to keep costs to a minimum. Occasionally, some extra kit may be required for particular sports.

A full list of uniform and equipment is available here. For additional clarification on girls’ uniform, please click here.

Second Hand Uniform Sale

Details of second-hand uniform sales will be shared here as they arise. If you would like to donate uniform, please hand into the Bursary labelling using this form.

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