We sat down for a chat with Sixth Former Luis and Third Former Elisa, two of our newest international pupils, to find out more about what made them choose to come to Bloxham School and what they have enjoyed the most so far.

What made you choose to come to school at Bloxham?

Elisa: When I was exploring studying in the UK, I really liked the photos of Bloxham that were in the brochure I was looking at. I also thought the different types of sports opportunities on offer looked really good – there were some things I’d never done before, like hockey. I also really enjoyed the look of the trips and the clubs, especially things like cooking. At Bloxham, we have the opportunity to study subjects I’ve never done before, like computing, which I’m really enjoying. In Spain, we have nine lessons, but here we have thirteen. I loved the look of the buildings too – the campus is really beautiful.

Luis: I visited a few different schools in England in February with my family, and Bloxham was the one which felt most like home. Everyone was so friendly, and the village is small, just like the one I live in in Germany, which I really liked.

How have you found your first term?

Elisa: I have really enjoyed it because we always have something to do. At the weekends, for example, there are so many things you can choose to do – you can stay in house, you can go to the activities, you can go to the gym or to other houses. In the week, I like chatting with friends in my free time or going to the shops in the village. I also like playing sports and taking part in matches. When we have home matches, it’s really nice because after your own match you can go and watch the other teams play, or when you’re on an away match, you have match tea with them and that’s great.

Luis: It was good. I’ve had the chance to get to know lots of people. It was a bit stressful at the beginning because it’s a completely different system to the German one, but I’m definitely used to it now. I’ve enjoyed Physics the most – I love doing the experiments.

What do you like best about your new boarding house?

Elisa: The people – they’re so lovely! My matrons in Raymond are so kind and the Sixth Form are always available to help in prep time and are always really nice. There’s always something to laugh about.

Luis: Wilson is a big family. The house is like a maze and you won’t find your way round straightaway but that’s what makes it special and unique.

Have you tried out many clubs? Which ones do you like the best and why?

Elisa: I tried clay pigeon shooting which I really liked, and also tennis which I love and have always played in Spain. I’m now doing art club which I like because it’s more creative and you can do things other than just painting. Next term, I’m going to do cooking which I’m really looking forward to, and golf which I have always played since I was about 5!

Luis: I’ve tried rugby and DT. We don’t play rugby in Germany, we do football or netball, so rugby is very new to me. You get a lot of contact but it’s nice to try it out. I am interested in building stuff, so DT club is great too because you can make whatever you want in the activity. I made a little LED lamp which turned out well and I’d like to keep building my skills through the year.

We’ll catch up with Elisa and Luis again later in the year to find out how they’re settling in and learn more about their Bloxham journey.