Current pupil and Art Scholar Ed from Second Form recently had the opportunity to meet talented artist and Old Bloxhamist Will Martyr. Ed was lucky enough to experience a private viewing of some of Will’s paintings. We caught up with Ed to find out more about what this experience meant to him and what he loves about Art at Bloxham.

What was will like when you met up with him?

He was really nice, really warm and friendly and very welcoming!

what did you think of will’s paintings? did you have a favourite and, if so, which one and why?

I think all of his art is really good! I like the fact that his paintings use very complex techniques, like the way he includes lots of details, but the pictures look simple from far away. I particularly liked quite a few of them. There was one with a sunset in the back which I thought was really cool, and also one of a person holding a vase of plants which I thought was great.

did will give you any handy tips or advice?

He said to layer it up, so when you’re painting, start with the background and then move forwards from there. He also said if you’re trying to paint skin, the same is true so start with the first layer and then move upwards rather than trying to make the colour and texture of skin all in one go.

what kind of art do you enjoy doing the most?

Probably cartoons. I like the way you can really capture the motion of your subject. I like working with pens best. Paint is also good, but it’s easy to go wrong if you add too much water or something like that, whereas with pens, you have complete control. You can get really thin or really wide pens and if you turn them, they stay the same ink wise whereas if you turn a paintbrush, you have less control.

do you have a favourite artist? what do you like about their work?

I really like Georgia O’Keeffe. I think her poppy flowers are amazing. I like paintings which have layers of detail and which give you the opportunity to notice new things every time you look at them.

what do you enjoy the most about your art lessons at bloxham?

That’s a hard question! I enjoy the variety of different things we look at each term and in each lesson. It’s not just one thing all the time like painting, it’s also sculpture and how to understand art. It’s always interesting because you’re always learning about something new.

Will also very much enjoyed meeting Ed, and shared,

He has an incredible love for art. I could really see his enthusiasm and his drive through the fact that he’s making art on his own at his age. To be that motivated outside of lessons is wonderful and it will absolutely pay dividends. It’s just so nice to see someone so engaged – he’s wonderful, and a super talented guy.