Exham House students enjoyed the thrill of the race track as they entered their first Green Power Racing competition at Mallory Park in Leicester.

The event was organised by the Green Power Charitable Trust to help inspire young people to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The students were set the challenge of designing and building an electric car and they worked throughout the year in activity time to prepare their vehicle for race day. The team received crucial support from experienced parents, including Mr Anthony Davidson, Mr Nic Whale, and Mr Jonny Wish. Their guidance on battery management, aerodynamics, and driving tips proved invaluable.

The Green Power marketing team (Jess J., Charlie L. and Tom S.) report:

Prior to race day, we checked the race regulations to ensure that the car would pass the MOT on the day. Rohan D. was appointed technical director and he did a sterling job organising us and checking the details. He also kept an eye on the races available we could enter. Mallory Park was chosen as the race track and he managed to get his dad to transport the car to the event.

We reduced the weight of the car by removing excess materials and removed some panels to cool down the motor which we discovered could get very hot in use. Wing mirrors were also added in preparation for overtaking manoeuvres. Panels were polished, stickers added and tyres and brakes checked.

Mr Broady-Bennett and Mr Elliot took us down to the Dewey to see if the car would run well for an extended amount of time. We were all given the opportunity to find the quickest drivers. This turned out to be a fun and successful practise. Our quickest drivers were: Rohan D., Jack W., Will W., Ralph L., Torin H. and Josh E. They all got to race on the day.

The most enjoyable part of the day was the sense of working together for a common cause, the excitement of the car making the grid and getting the car race ready between races. In our haste, the wires to the battery got mixed up. Someone noticed and said “Are those wires supposed to be smoking?” causing considerable panic. Fortunately, we were supported by other teams for spare parts enabling us to take part in the second race of the day. It was also amazing to see the engineering of the cars behind the scenes giving food for thought and inspiration for next season’s races.

We learnt how to take on leadership and how to communicate collectively in stressful situations. It was also cool to have a day off school to take part in such an exciting opportunity. Our teams consisted of the above drivers, Emily L. who was our medic , Jess J., Charlie L. and Tom S. who were the marketing and the mechanics Freddie C., Freddie H. and Oliver S.”

This was the school’s first event and, having performed amazingly well, are now looking at how to evolve the car to increase its performance to become more competitive. Armed with their newfound knowledge and experience, the team now sets its sights on future races with aspirations to enhance speed, become more aerodynamic and develop the engine and battery performance to complete more laps within the allotted 90-minute sessions.

As Bloxham School’s Green Power Racing Team reflects on its debut, they express gratitude for the support received from parents, staff, and the Green Power Charitable Trust. With determination, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, the team eagerly anticipates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead on their path to success in the exhilarating realm of electric car racing.

A huge appreciation and recognition for the teachers (Mr Broady-Bennett, Dr Hollingworth and Mr Elliot) who offered extensive support throughout the day.