Following their ‘Etiquette training’ with a visiting trainer, the Fourth Form attended their first Formal Dinner on Friday evening (12th Nov), putting their new found skills in conversational art, verbal and non-verbal communication, and dining manners into action.

The following report comes from Head of Year, Mr Moir:

With a dress code of ‘suits’ the girls and boys went to great effort to attend very smartly and appropriately attired. They were seated at tables of 10, to a seating plan that was randomly allocated and arranged in advance. They looked after one another and were extremely good company for our guest staff, all of whom commented on their enjoyment of the evening. Although many might have preferred to choose to sit with particular friends, the evening was wonderful as they made the effort to socialise with those they happened to be sat next to. There was also a new seating plan for pudding.

There were heartfelt thanks to the Catering staff for a superb dinner. It was a particular joy to be able to host such an event in these times and the students rose to the occasion with great enthusiasm and delightful manners.

For photos from the event, Click Here.