Bloxham School has released its very own student-led newspaper, The Bloxham Bugle. Brought to life by the dedicated members of the newspaper group, the newspaper marked a significant contribution to the School’s commitment to fostering broader curriculum activities and creativity.

The newspaper was made with the intention of being by the students and for the students. Guided by editor Bertie M. who had a keen eye for aesthetics, the team collaborated closely with the marketing department who helped to source captivating photos to complement the articles, ensuring a visually appealing read for fellow Bloxham students.

Meeting every Tuesday afternoon, each step before publishing proved to be a learning curve for the newspaper group. The team co-operated every week and delved into topics that were of interest to each of them. Each member contributed an article, and thoughts and suggestions would be shared. Alice B., the reporter, contributed generously with plenty of sports articles, adding dimension to the newspaper and covering an area of the School with lots of passion and talent.

Following approval from the Director of Co-Curriculum, the first edition was professionally printed, adding to the overall polished look. Despite a few delays and teething problems, the newspaper was a success, and the second edition is already in progress.

Renamed as the Bloxham Broadcast, a new group of students have taken the reins of the paper for its second edition, with Barney H. as editor. The newspaper has had a revamp bringing fresh perspectives to the table. The team are taking their own photos, conducting interviews with students and staff around the school, including one of the School’s chefs, and writing articles based on student polls.

We look forward to seeing how this group display their creativity and offer insights into the school community.