Fitness Entrepreneur Becomes UK Enterprise Advisor
Jamie Wykes Hobday

Fitness Entrepreneur Becomes UK Enterprise Advisor

Old Bloxhamist entrepreneur Jamie has recently been appointed as UK enterprise advisor; through his educational voluntary work he helps to inspire the next generation.

After leaving school and travelling, Jamie followed his passion into fitness setting up his first company as a freelance personal trainer and reading Business Management and Sports Science at St Mary’s University, London. Today he is the founder of a fitness dating brand, which was recently described by as “The fitness brand to watch out for in 2023!” Jamie has been a keen sportsman throughout his life. At Bloxham, he played for the 1st XV rugby and 1st XI hockey teams, receiving colours in both sports. In the 2011 season, Jamie was the top try scorer for the school’s 1st XV team. Combined with his talents on the sports field, he was House Prefect, Sacristan and a Peer Listener, as well as a talented musician regularly performing in school concerts.

Tell us about your time at Bloxham.

Sport played a huge part in my life at school and has continued to do so to this day. I was in Crake House and my fondest memories are of the times shared with my house mates. For A Level, I took Spanish, English and Physical Education. The most useful of these has to be the latter as I now run a fitness dating business.

Bloxham was instrumental in preparing me for my entrepreneurial path, which involves a fair amount of travel and time alone. Boarding helped me greatly; it taught me to be independent from an early age.

How did you first enter the fitness industry?

After I left Bloxham I had a brilliant six months travelling across Thailand, South Africa and Australia and knew that when I came home, I wanted to start my career. I did this by attending the European Institute of Fitness in Lilleshall where I gained my first qualification in personal training and nutrition. Inspired and wanting to formalise my understanding and knowledge, I read Business Management and Sports Science at Saint Mary’s University, London.

Tell us about YOUR BUSINESS.

I originally created the company out of heart break as my then girlfriend broke up with me due to the time I spent training. FITFCK is a fitness dating brand designed to connect like-minded gym lovers through in person fitness dating events and through our mobile fitness dating app. It is a platform for UK-based fitness lovers looking to share their lifestyle choices with someone whether it be dating, relationships or casual. I haven’t looked back since founding the business as it is my passion and has combined all my strengths.

What are your most exciting achievements to date?

There are three things which spring to mind. The first is closing our seed round fundraising for FITFCK with 24 investors at a £3m valuation. Secondly, we have partnered with Fitness First, the third largest gym chain in the country and thirdly, I have been appointed as a UK enterprise advisor by The Education Development Trust, supported by the Mayor of London.

How do you relax?

Living in London and with my career, I have an amazing social life but being the founder of my business means that a work/life balance is often hard to achieve as I want to do so much to grow the company. Recently I have put some time aside at weekends to help switch off from work. Reading and cooking have been especially great at helping me to achieve this.

At just 30 years old, there is a lot to be proud of but can you pinpoint your greatest accomplishment?

The community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts that I have created and the lives that we have changed along the way.

Tell us about your work with UK Young Enterprises.

Through speaking at an educational event, I was approached by The Education Development Trust to become an advisor. Every week I visit a school and speak with students about entrepreneurship and setting up their own business.

Outside of work, this is the most fulfilling role I have. The entrepreneur journey can be a lonely and selfish one, so when you are able to give back and pass on some advice to those aspiring to create their own brands or be successful in business, it is a great feeling.

What advice would you give to current students?

Put in as much effort in the classroom as you do on the rugby field! I utterly loved my time at Bloxham and there is not a lot I would change.

What is your best/most inspiring read?

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE by Phil Knight.

What are your hopes for the future?

My aim is to create the biggest multilevel consumer brand that has evolved from a dating app. In the future, I would like to work primarily in B2C venture capital. With regards to the UK enterprise advisor role, I hope to continue to inspire more and more students and take on a senior role within the organisation to help even young people with their career ambitions.

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