In the Deep-End with Third Form Drama

In the Deep-End with Third Form Drama

We caught up with keen dramatist Claudia before her performance in the production, “The Young Inventor’s Club”.

Q: has drama always been a passion of yours?

I hadn’t been very passionate about drama before arriving at Bloxham, only having small roles during my time at Beachborough. Miss Hamilton was offering a drama activity for the Third Form and I decided to give it a go. I went into it thinking that I wanted a small part as I didn’t want it to conflict with my sporting commitments. We did our auditions on Microsoft Teams and when we got back to school, the roles were announced via a pinned sheet on the wall. Much to my surprise, there was my name at the top of the list. I had got the main part!

Q: What is “the Young Inventor’s club” about?

The play is a musical-comedy written by our teacher Miss Hamilton. It is about a group of students who meet in the school boiler room and plot to overcome the evil Head, Tannoy, who suppresses their creativity in favour of results. I play Maggie Jones, who is new at the school and inspires the other students to rebel against Tannoy’s tyranny.

Q: How have the drama department helped you in your acting abilities?

I’ve have learnt a lot from Miss Hamilton and really gained confidence with my acting over the last year.  I have also been able to keep doing my sport which was perfect for me.

Q: What has been the highlight from the rehearsal period?

My highlight has definitely been everyone putting their all in to make this performance the best it can be. It has been a very fun process and I have made some really close friends from it.

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