Conquering County Cricket

Conquering County Cricket

We sat down for a chat with Third Former Rose, who was selected to play cricket for Northamptonshire over the summer. Girls’ cricket is one of the fastest growing sports at Bloxham since it was added to the summer sports programme two years ago. It was great to hear from one of our top players about why this sport is becoming so popular amongst our pupils.

How long have you been playing and what made you want to start?

Growing up, my uncle played cricket for his county and his brother played for England, and whenever I went over to his house, I’d play cricket there and really enjoyed it, but I started properly in Year Six. I joined a club, and then got asked to play for county.

How does it feel to have been chosen to play for your county?

It feels amazing! It’s really special to know that I’m one of the top 15 players in the county of my age. I went through three sets of trials to get chosen and it was quite intimidating. I’m an all-rounder rather than being particularly just a batter or a bowler, but I did open for county batting which felt incredible.

What do you love about playing cricket?

I love how you can have a bad day bowling but still have a great day batting or catching. I love getting to do lots of different things within just one game.

What’s your next cricketing goal?

I’m now doing the U15s trials. I want to try and get selected again this year. It will be tougher though because there’s no U14s team which means I’ll be competing against girls in the year above too.

What do you think of the girls’ cricket provision at Bloxham?

I think it’s great that so many girls here play cricket and enjoy it. I’ve been doing Friday coaching sessions with Mr Setterfield (Bloxham School’s Cricket Professional) and they’re really good. Some people think cricket is boring, but once you start playing it’s actually really fun and exciting.

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