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Cherwell Democracy Challenge Winners

This afternoon, four Sixth Form students took part in the Cherwell Democracy Challenge, hosted by Victoria Prentis MP.

This year’s competition was particularly difficult for the students at Bloxham School, The Cooper School and Bicester School as the debate took place via Zoom.

In the first round student's Murray D, Maria K, Muqaddas A and Isaac M took part in two debates. Though each team received the motions in advance, they were only told 15 minutes before each debate whether they would be proposing or opposing the motion. First, Bloxham students proposed the motion that the Houses of Parliament should move to Oxford while repairs are carried out on Westminster Palace, and in the second debate they argued eloquently against allowing 16 year olds to vote – opposing their personal views.

In the final debate, which only allowed 15 minutes for preparation, Bloxham successfully opposed the motion that Covid-19 restrictions unreasonably restrict individual civil liberties, winning the challenge. Our congratulations go to the team, who will be invited to tour the Houses of Parliament when Covid-19 restrictions allow.