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Headmaster's Blog - 'Philanthropy at Bloxham'

Last week, I had the honor of attending a presentation at the Credit Suisse building at Canary Wharf, in the presence of the Princess Royal, as a guest of the Springboard Bursary Foundation. During the event, Springboard announced the positive news it was to merge with the Royal National Children’s Foundation.

Springboard is an outstanding charity which places children from disadvantaged and unstable backgrounds into the care and security of some of the nation’s top state and independent boarding schools.  The impact upon the lives of those young people is transformational, not least because it raises ambition, allows social mobility and ensures that talented young people escape the poverty trap.

Bloxham School is privileged to partner Springboard and hopes that more young people will benefit from our care in the future. There is also further cause for celebration as the Chief Executive of the Springboard Bursary Foundation, and the newly merged charity, is Ian Davenport, an Old Bloxhamist, Bloxham governor and former Head of Blundell School.  Ian received a bursary whilst he was at Bloxham and now spends his time raising funds so that other young people can have the life-changing experience he received.

I believe that the ethos of Springboard and Bloxham are very much aligned. As a Christian foundation school, generosity and helping those less fortunate than ourselves has always been at the heart of what we do. Our educational values are to be ‘a force for good in the world’ and to be ‘givers rather than takers’. Springboard is just one example of how we, as a community, can support the lives of others in a philanthropic way. Bloxham is a not for profit charity and any money made through our commercial ventures is reinvested in the school, to maintain the estate, upgrade facilities and support pupils through bursaries and scholarships. The support we receive from Old Bloxhamists and parents is vital to our existence and ability to change lives. Through gifts, legacies and donations to development campaigns; and the Bursary Fund, which grows yearly, thanks to the kindness of Bloxham parents who generously agree to waive their fee deposit when their child leaves the school, we can continue to support Springboard.

As ever, there is much more to be done. However, one thing I have learnt in my time at Bloxham is that generosity is an overarching characteristic of our community; and this is a characteristic which I believe was in the mind of our founder when the school was set up.  I trust, with your support, we will be able to continue to transform young lives in the years ahead.