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Headmaster's Blog - Bloxham's New House

When people ask why I wanted to join Bloxham School I have a quick and ready answer: I was bowled over by the students, their relaxed confidence, easy charm and firm sense of identity. Walking around Bloxham in those early days, I realised very quickly that the school’s strong sense of community, along with its small size, were critical in helping Bloxhamists develop these traits. Bloxham is a friendly place, where we all know one another and relationships matter. We’re a close community; we know when someone’s not quite themselves and we are there to reach out with a helping hand. Of course, being small means there is no anonymity and no-where to hide – both powerful influencers in guiding good behaviour!

I am committed to protecting the Bloxham we know and love while at the same time helping it to move forward. We are in a strong, healthy position, with more parents choosing to send their children to Bloxham. We want to make that possible, and also to ensure that Bloxham is delivering the vision of its founder, as a school to be enjoyed by a broad base of local children.

That is why we took the decision to seek planning permission to open a seventh, mixed Senior House, catering for Day students. While the new students will enjoy the same high standards of all-round education, excellent pastoral care and access to facilities, they won’t be able to board, and their fees will reflect this. At the same time, current Day Boarders will have two nights boarding included in their fees.

We think this will do two things: it will make Bloxham available to a greater number of local children, allowing for a small increase in size while bringing a Bloxham education within the reach of more families; and it will enhance the experience for current students, filling the Boarding Houses with those taking-up their allocated nights boarding.

Comfortably under 500, Bloxham will remain a small school, yet still able to deliver an educational experience to match that of schools twice its size. Our ethos and sense of community won’t change and I have every confidence in the ability of our tutors, matrons and support staff to extend their high quality care to students of the new Day House. More importantly, I have no concerns about the ability of our students to meet their new classmates with the same open friendliness I see in them every day.

This is an exciting time to be at Bloxham, a place confident in what it is, looking forward, while holding on to what makes it special.