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Bloxham School Headmasters

A look back at the history of Bloxham School's Headmasters.

  • Rev P R Egerton

    Headmaster 1860-1886

  • Rev F S Boissier

    Headmaster 1886-1898

  • Rev G H Ward

    Headmaster 1899-1914

  • Rev A R M Grier

    Headmaster 1915-1919

  • Rev F H George

    Headmaster 1919-1925

  • V L Armitage

    Headmaster 1925-1940

  • K T Dewey

    Headmaster 1940-1952

  • R S Thompson

    Headmaster 1952-1965

  • D R G Seymour

    Headmaster 1965-1982

  • M W Vallance

    Headmaster 1982-1991

  • D K Exham

    Headmaster 1991-2002

  • M E Allbrook

    Headmaster 2002-2013

  • P W Sanderson

    Headmaster 2013-present

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