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Old Bloxhamist Archive

150th Anniversary Celebrations | Sarah Demirtges, Alumni and Events Officer with Peter J B Barwell, Chairman of Egerton Society
When you enrol at Bloxham School, you become a part of a rich history. 

Following a huge amount of work by Peter Barwell (OB and former member of the Bloxham School Council), assisted by a small group of dedicated individuals from the current school body, we are now able to offer a wonderful archive facility from the past records of The Bloxhamist magazine and other photographic records.

To access the Bloxham School photo archive, please click here. 

To access The Bloxhamist magazine archive, please click here. 

You will find that throughout the photo archive images have been labelled acordingly, with names also being used. If you can help us with any further identifications, we would be most grateful. Similarly, if you see a photo of yourself which you do not wish to be shared, please email us and we will act acordingly. 

The Development Office frequently post photos from the archive on the Old Bloxhamist Facebook and Twitter pages, if you happen to see a photograph of yourself that you do not wish to be shared on these channels, please write to or email us and we will act accordingly. For further information about how your personal information is stored, please read this document

In addition to the online resources, Bloxham School also has a growing physical archive made up of photographs, trophies, sports kit, and uniform all donated by Old Bloxhamists. If you would like to donate any items, please get in touch. 

To view Peter Barwell's full Old Bloxhamist Archive web page, please click here. 

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