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Emily is Accepted to MetFilm School

Sixth Form leaver, Emily has been offered a place at the MetFilm School to study Screen Acting.

After five years at Bloxham School, Emily believesBloxham is the reason I am able to pursue my passion for acting” thanks to the inspiration and guidance from the Drama Department.

Emily’s interest in acting started at a young age and saw her perform in Annie at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. During Third Form she auditioned for the school production Blackout:

“I was chosen to perform by Ms Dobry and it was encouraging to know that saw something in me because I’d never been picked for a role like that before. This opportunity led me to study GCSE Drama and then A Levels.”

Mr Brassington’s passion for his subject has been a huge part of Emily’s acting journey. His support through her Drama studies and auditions have helped her develop and refine her talent. After attending two screen acting courses last summer (at LAMDA and Young Film Academy) she visited the MetFIlm School open day and decided to apply. Part of her application required her to submit a performance piece:

“It’s called ‘Trendy’ which I learnt during my time at the LAMDA’s film course during the summer. I revisited the script, recorded my performance and submitted it on Christmas Day. I chose ‘Trendy’ because I could relate so much to the character and it reminded me of my fond times at LAMDA.”

This resulted in Emily being offered an Interview, during which she realised how much it meant to her and how passionate she truly was about screen acting.

Emily finds inspiration in the work of actor Anthony Hopkins:

“The first of his films that I watched was Silence of the Lambs and he was just so subtle, and his performance was so discreet which made the effect more chilling. I Instantly recognised the control he has over a character and that’s what I wanted to learn and achieve.”

We look forward to seeing Emily on the silver screen in years to come.