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Sixth Form Languages and History Students Visit Paris

France Trip 2020A party of 16 sixth formers (10 historians and 6 modern linguists) visited Paris during half term for a gruelling but rewarding three days of history, culture and speaking French.

The A Level History syllabus includes a paper on the French Revolution and Napoleon, so this period was inevitably the focus of the trip, with visits to the stupendous palace of Versailles and Les Invalides, site of Napoleon’s tomb memorable highlights.

The pupils were able to sample Paris nightlife in one of the city’s oldest streets, the atmospheric rue Mouffetard, as well as being able to walk in the footsteps of Robespierre and Marie Antoinette in the notorious prison of the Conciergerie.

Mr Batten remarked, "all the pupils showed a refreshing willingness to immerse themselves in the Parisian experience, and hopes that this will have enhanced their understanding of French culture and history."

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France Trip 2020