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Oxfordshire's Shotput and Javelin Number One

Matthew D. is a keen athletics sportsman and trains hard for the sport he loves. He recently had the opportunity to showcase his skills at an ETC competition in Northampton.

With this summer’s athletics season put on hold and with only a few open meetings and championships events held across the country in August/September, Matthew knew he had to accept this opportunity to compete.

Matthew has been competing in athletics for the past four years with Banbury Harriers. This is a passion he takes very seriously and trains twice a week with his club and again at weekends where he can.

His hard work and dedication to the sports payed off on the 12th September when Matthew ranked number one in Oxfordshire at shotput and javelin and is now 13th in the UK for javelin in his U15 age group.  

We want to celebrate Matthew’s success and wish him the best of luck as he pursues his goal of ranking top 10 in the UK.