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Cadets Take On Longmoor Training Camp

At the start of this week, our CCF cadets travelled to Longmoor Training Camp for a very successful exercise.

The cadets arrived in the evening on Monday and, having settled in and cooked their evening meal from the 24 hour ration packs, got an early night, sleeping in a hanger. They spent the next day learning about battlefield first aid, ambushes, harbour drills and did training for individual fire and pairs fire manoeuvres. 

In the afternoon they moved from the hanger, where the had spent the first night, into a harbour area in the woods and set up for a tactical 16 hour exercise. In the evening the cadets patrolled from the harbour area to a nearby landing strip where 'enemy forces' had been sighted preparing for an air drop. They set an ambush position on the edge of the woods and engaged the enemy when they appeared. They cooked and slept in the harbour area that night.

On Wednesday, the group patrolled from the harbour area and encountered a scene where friendly forces had been attacked in the night. The cadets had to move into the area, secure it and treat the injuries using the battlefield first aid they had been taught the day before (using prosthetics and fake blood for added realism!).

The final part, as always, was to clean the rifles before heading back to school on Wednesday afternoon. To view photo from the trip, please click here