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Glowing Reviews of Bloxham's "The Invisible Man"

Bloxham School Edinburgh Fringe PerformanceBloxham School pupils took their performance of "The Invisible Man" to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival during August 2016. Directed by Luke Rollason, the company received excellent reviews in reward of their talent and hard work.

"...ramshackle, flying-by-seat-of-pants enthusiasm. If you get a chance during its short run, The Invisible Man deserves to be seen" (The Scotsman)

Pupils devised their own production of HG Wells' "The Invisible Man", drawing on influences including film noir, physical theatre practitioners and Looney Tunes.

A huge well done to all of the cast; Jamie F, Ben K, Laban L, Harris M, Laura M, Rex M, Georgina P, Wilf S and India W, and to Alex L on his direction and production.


More Reviews:

"...shifting the narrative forward five decades and changing the setting has allowed them to craft their own unique vision" (Geek Chocolate)

"...offers multiple flashes of pure genius.... short, sweet and decidedly snappy." (TV Bomb)

"...the volume and complexity of some of these physical theatre sequences are a credit to the ambition and dexterity of this young cast. " (EdFringe Review)

"...a solid and energetic performance, with a highly enthusiastic cast.... some of the physical theatre aspects of the performance were absolutely stunning" (EdFringe Review)

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