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GCSE Business Studies Trip to Jaguar Land Rover

Bloxham School GCSE Business Studies Trip to Land Rover JaguarOn Monday 10th and Thursday 13th October, the 5th Form GCSE Business Studies students visited the Jaguar Land Rover Factory in Solihull.

The students enjoyed a fascinating tour around different parts of the factory. They were shown almost every stage in the process; from a piece of aluminium sheet all the way to the final product. They learnt all about the different manufacturing processes and quality controls used in the process. It gave a 'hands-on' experience to the topics they had learned in the classroom, particularly areas of quality, lean production, Just-In-Time and automation.
The students' tour included visiting the press shop, paint shop, trim, automation and car dispatch with thorough explanations given by experienced guides.
After a break, the students were split into five smaller groups. In these groups they competed against each other in an exciting series of activities which incorporated the things they had learnt about when going around the factory. This included learning how a successful manufacturing process works, with set workstations that each had set tasks with time limits. All the tasks required teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills just like those that were needed on the production line.

The trip provided an excellent opportunity to consolidate what the students have been learning in preparation for their GCSE exams. A special thanks goes to Jaguar Land Rover for hosting the students and providing so much insight into their business processes.