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Bloxham's Amelia is Skating to Stardom

Third Former Amelia Asplen-Taylor only began skating a few months ago but has already achieved an astonishing third place in a recent competition.

Just a few months back, Bloxham student Amelia picked up her skating boots for the very first time and entered a competition for amateur skaters, "Skating Stars". However, just a couple of months down the line she found herself competing at the grand final of the event, hosted in Milton Keynes. The competition took place over a couple of months, with rounds being held every few weeks and competitors being knocked out at each round. This meant that the original field of 20 was soon whittled down to just five, including Amelia. Amelia gave a number of performances over the course of the competition, including her solo routine to Little Mix's Black Magic, and the group routine to Bills. The group performed this routine both in front of the judges and during the interval of a recent Milton Keynes Lightning Ice Hockey match. 

On reaching the final, the skaters performed in front of a panel of judges, including Dancing on Ice star Vicky Ogden and the Mayor of Milton Keynes, and Amelia was delighted to be awarded third place.

After achieving this success after such a short time who knows where Amelia will find herself in the future - we wish her luck as she continues her skating.