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Old Bloxhamists come together to celebrate the school's 160th anniversary

Old Bloxhamists reunite at The London MeetLast night Old Bloxhamists came together for the annual London Meet on the eve of the school’s 160th anniversary.

Guests spanning an incredible eight decades met at The Farmer’s Club in Whitehall. The venue was kindly provided by Madeleine Roberts (née Vaughan) (PC 99-01) and its location, overlooking the River Thames and under the bright lights of the London Eye, was very impressive, however only a few guests had the chance to view the surroundings so busy were they catching up with each other and forming new friendships.

Simon Batten, Old Bloxhamist Resident Secretary and School Historian, welcomed guests to the Club and passed on the Headmaster’s apologies. He continued by thanking our host Madeleine Roberts and highlighted the school’s recent major academic, sporting and artistic achievements and there was a profound sense of pride among guests. The speech ended as OBs raised their glasses with a toast to the school: To Bloxham School, long may it thrive.

Fond memories of school days: boot numbers, sports teams, dormitories and boarding life, combined with conversations about careers, dinner parties, adventures and news of fellow alumni, made a lively evening for all.

Old Bloxhamists next come together for OB Day on Sunday 1st March.

The celebrations for the school’s 160th anniversary will continue at this year’s Founderstide on Saturday 27th June.

More photos from the evening can be found on our Flickr page