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Top Riding Results at the Bloxham Eventer Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the first round of the Bloxham Eventer Challenge on Sunday. 

It was a fantastic day of riding for everyone with good performances across the board from the Bloxham riders; both in the individual and team categories.

Congratulations to Izzy B who won the 80cm individual and the Bloxham team of Izzy B, Hannah B and Evie B who placed second in the 80cm team event. Charlie L won the 90cm individual with the Bloxham team of Charlie L, Hannah B and Angelina S placing first in the 90cm team category with the Bloxham second team of Charlie L, Nay R and Millie R placing second. Finally, congratulations to Josh L who won the 100cm individual with the team of Josh L, Hannah B and Millie R winning the 100cm team event.

A brilliant effort by all of the Bloxham riders - well done! 

The next date in the series will take place on Sunday 9th December. For further dates, information and results from the Bloxham Eventer Challenge, please visit our equestrian page