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Lower School Students Visit Compton Verney

Last week, First Form art students visited the Quentin Blake Inside Stories exhibition at Compton Verney.

They were treated to original sketches and paintings from classics such as Mr Twit, Matilda, Clown and Frog, The Boy in the Dress and many more. One part of the exhibition was called Lost Words which housed artwork by Jackie Morris; some landscape paintings; others combining animals and nature.

Students enjoyed a guided tour of the exhibition and took part in an artistic exercise which encouraged imaginative thinking through the use of pencil and ink. First Form student, Olly S, said; 'the visit inspired many of us to draw creative and imaginative drawings that were not too dissimilar to the pictures we saw. My main highlight was the Lost Words exhibition as I particularly liked the picture of two ravens on a wooden post which gave a feeling of presence and emptiness at the same time, which was amazing'. 

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, thank you to all who were involved in the organisation of the day.