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Eunoia Society 'Thinking About Science, Faith & The Meaning of Life' Lecture

Last week, the Eunoia Society welcomed visiting lecturer Professor Alister McGrath from the University of Oxford who gave an insightful talk entitled ‘Richard Dawkins and C.S. Lewis: thinking about science, faith and the meaning of life.’ 

The talk was based around Professor McGrath’s opinions on the work of the atheist Richard Dawkins and his ideas towards religion, which greatly appealed to all of the Society as it had a variety of elements; from theology to science. McGrath talked about his journey from atheism to becoming a devout Christian and argued that religion sets a framework for meaning in life. McGrath observed that some of Dawkin’s points are valid when he asks for reasons behind religious beliefs. However, McGrath argued that Dawkins is wrong to think that we can prove everything we believe in (and that there must be an element of faith as science cannot explain everything).

The talk was extremely interesting, encouraging everyone in the audience to reflect and consider the ideas he was presenting. Overall, the Eunoia Society was extremely grateful for his talk and students were able to ask some excellent questions.

Thank you to Upper Sixth Form student, Hannah M (Ry), for this report.