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MP Victoria Prentis Meets The Climate Crew

On Friday, The Climate Crew had a visit from local MP Victoria Prentis, where they shared their Young Enterprise project.

Young Enterprise has been an important part of Bloxham School for many years. The programme provides students with real life experiences that enrich and develop learning from a wide range of subject areas. The whole process helps to hone life skills including communication, financial capability, organisation, problem solving and teamwork.

This year, the team is called ‘The Climate Crew’. They have written and illustrated an amazing book aimed at 8-10 year old children, depicting a fictious green sea turtle character named ‘Tucker’ who travels the world and encounters global issues and problems. Tucker then continues to offer basic solutions that young children could get involved in.

Sophie Tredwell, a member of The Climate Crew had this to day: “It was lovely to have Victoria Prentis, our local MP, visit us this week. We have really appreciated all the support we have received from Victoria and her team! It was amazing to see their enthusiasm towards our product and Tucker, and their love towards what we are doing for raising awareness of Climate Change.”

Victoria Prentis said: “I was thrilled to come to visit The Climate Crew, having taken part in Young Enterprise myself I know how valuable this project is to young people. The book the team has produced is fantastic and sends a really important message to children. We are really looking forward to helping their message reach parliament.”

Mr Hussain, Business Studies Teacher said: “The team have made all the decisions from day one, from the company name and product, to selling their products at public trade fairs and managing their finance, marketing and operations as they progress.”

For more on The Climate Crew, join them on social media, links below.

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