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Erasmus Trip

During the Easter holidays, Miss Lesu, Mrs McCaffrey and Mr Devesa set off for La Belle, France as part of our continued linguistic and academic Erasmus experience.

The group travelled to Rouen, located an hour and a half north west of Paris, and for seven days, they attended an advanced French course, focused on boosting oral comprehension through active debates, written comprehension exercises and listening skills through French life and culture.

Afternoon and evening activities included a visit to Giverny, famous for many of Monet's impressionist paintings, a tour of the beautiful town of Rouen with its impressive cathedral and medieval architecture, dinners with host families and a memorable trip to the city's Museum of Education. As on previous courses, they were joined by many teaching colleagues from schools across the country which really helped to enrich their learning experience. 

The Erasmus project and grant Bloxham School have been so fortunate to obtain (thank you Miss Lesu for all the hard work!) has proved to be a real bonus to the department, not only from attending the course itself but everything that can be brought back to the department in terms of new ideas and resources. The next trip will be to Santander in October where, as well as consolidating their linguistic skills further, Miss Lesu, Mrs McCaffrey and Mrs Cochran will also be on a reconnaissance mission to find a location nearby for the next Fourth Form languages trip in July 2019 ....  watch this space!