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Tears and Laughter at GCSE Drama Show

We had tears and laughter in the Wesley Theatre this week for GCSE Drama performances of DNA, Notes to Future Self and Bouncers.

Amelia put on a stellar performance as 'Philosophy' in Notes to Future Self, which tells the story of a teenage girl diagnosed with terminal cancer and caused many of our audience to reach for their tissues. Luckily, this was followed by some light relief in the form of Bouncers (performed by Sam, Sam, Harris and Rex) who showed us a night at work for bouncers, who have to deal with lads and women on a night out. DNA saw a gang try to cover up a murder, but accidentally frame a fat, balding policeman with bad teeth. Danni may now never get to go to college to be a dentist! This was brilliantly performed by Effiom. 

Tonight's successful performances follow our AS Level students' brilliant exam show just a couple of weeks ago. Well done to everyone on the hard work they have put into rehearsing over the last few months. To view a full album of AS and GCSE dress rehearsal photos, please click here.