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Fourth Form Enjoy Oxford Playhouse Production

Bloxham Fourth Form English trip to 'Of Mice and Men'On Thursday afternoon, Bloxham's Fourth Form travelled to Oxford to watch a performance of Of Mice and Men.

On Thursday 12th May, Bloxham's Fourth Form, accompanied by several members of staff, visited the Oxford Playhouse to watch a performance of Of Mice and Men. John Steinbeck's play is one of the set texts on the GCSE English curriculum, and watching this production gave the students a fantastic opportunity to see the story come to life before their eyes. Set in America at the time of the Great Depression, this tragic play follows the lives of two farm hands, Lennie and George, as they struggle to scrape a living in their lonely, nomadic existence.

The students thoroughly appreciated the chance to watch this stand-out production and it will, without a doubt, provide some useful interpretations and ideas for their future studies.