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Bloxham Placed Third at Festival of Chemistry

Four Bloxham students acheived an impressive third place at the Salters' Insitute Festival of Chemistry with the Royal Society of Chemistry, held at the University of Oxford on Wednesday, 20th March.

Hannah M., Caitlin D., Oliver M. and Luna T. attended the event, which is aimed at the brightest Second Form/Year 8 chemistry students. They were asked to analyse a set of chemicals using various processes including chromatography and chemical tests, in order to identify a prime suspect, and write a forensic report on the process.

In the afternoon session, the team were asked to make a circuit breaker using different concentrations of acid, aiming to break the circuit after an exact period of time and were only 2 seconds out!

Students were then treated to a display of exciting chemical reactions by Professor Mark Brouard, one of the lead lecturers at Oxford University, including seeing what happens when liquid nitrogen is mixed with a kettle full of boiling water!

You can find out more about the festival on Salters' Institute's website here.