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Talks by Ben Kane, Top Ten Best-selling Author of Historical Fiction

Sixth Form Seminar Series Ben KaneOn Friday 3rd March, Ben Kane, former vet, and now a Sunday Times best-selling author came to the school to give talks to both the First Form and Sixth Form.

The Lower School immensely enjoyed a talk on "The Life of a Roman Legionary" which tied in with their history lessons, and left them really inspired to find out more about the Romans. Ben, who was dressed very authentically for the occasion, came equipped with a selection of roman props, including armour, shoes, jewellery and swords, and the excited students were able to try these on at the end of the session.

The Sixth Form heard about how Ben made the transition from a successful veterinary career to becoming an author of multiple series of books. He explained how he has always loved history, and how his travels, particularly his 3 year trip round the world sparked his interest in writing historical fiction. Of particular poignancy for the Sixth Form was the trepidation he spoke about when wondering whether or not he would make it as an author. As the Sixth Form prepare to carve out their own careers it is important to them to know that they will not be stuck with their decision for the rest of their life, and they still have plenty of time for exploring broader interests! The Sixth Form also enjoyed the opportunity to try on the Roman accessories(!) and are pictured above with Ben Kane.

A huge thank you goes to Ben for such an engaging afternoon and evening.