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Local Children Enjoy Day of Music at Bloxham School

Strings in Music Day ConcertBloxham School recently hosted its inaugural annual Music Day, which saw 75 young pupils from 10 local primary and prep schools visit Bloxham for a terrific day of music making.

Led by Director of Music, Alex Redpath, and supported by enthusiastic and patient music teachers, the children experienced an energetic morning of workshops catering for an impressive variety of instruments including: bassoon, piano, violin, cello, clarinet, flute, saxophone, guitar, recorder, drums, cornet, ukulele and keyboards. The Challenge was set: five hours to put on a concert!

Musicians were assigned to different workshops where they had an hour to work on their pieces. Following the workshops, everyone came together and were conducted by Choir Master, James Ramm, for a stirring rehearsal of the Coldplay classic ‘Fix You’. With the concert coming together, there was excitement in the air about just how good it was going to be.

Music Day ChoirAfter a fantastic lunch and a final run through of pieces, over 150 parents, brothers and sisters flooded into the Great Hall to hear the results of an intensive musical day. Peppered with excellent performances from Bloxham’s own music scholars, the concert was a triumph, with everyone rising to the challenge, accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time. With heads bobbing and tears falling during the final big sing, it was mission accomplished: an inspiring example of how music can bring people together in one day of positivity, challenge and fun.

Wind instruments in Music Day Concert