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OB Max Langer is Welcomed back for the Beyond Bloxham Assembly Series

As part of the ‘Beyond Bloxham’ Assembly Series, today we welcomed Old Bloxhamist, former house captain and school prefect Max Langer (Eg 10-16) back to Bloxham School.

Max spoke eloquently to the whole school about his journey over the last 18 months. This journey saw him finding his passion and changing courses at Bristol University from Maths & Computer Science to Film & Business, running the San Francisco and Athens marathons and being approached by the Liberal Democrats to work on the local and then general election campaigns in Bristol.

Talking about having the courage to change direction, Max advised students that in the face of adversity, sometimes things don’t go to plan. He offered words of wisdom to all the students: “Grasp every opportunity and look for a passion, don’t settle for a skill.”

The aim of the series of assemblies is to give our students the chance to hear from a variety of different people and to learn about their experiences and the ways in which these may have shaped them. Next week we look forward to welcoming OB Ellie White (Ry 03-10).