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Fifth Form Art Trip to London

Last week, Fifth Form art students enjoyed a trip to London, where they visited interesting art exhibitions; 'Tate Modern', 'Tate Britain' and 'Ey Exhibition'.

The idea behind the trip was for students to find inspiration for their GCSE projects. In the first exhibition - ‘Tate Modern’ - our students found unusual and interesting sculptures, including a long, colourful carpet which showed the contrast between warm and cold colours. This exhibition proved inspiring for themes such as ‘Human figure’, ‘Materials’, ‘Interiors’ and ‘In the News’. 

Following this, the group travelled by boat to the second exhibition; ‘Tate Britain’. This was very historical exhibition, with many old paintings dating from the 1550s to the 2000s. The group were even able to see the ‘Portrait of Elizabeth I’ c.1563 by Steven van Herwijck which is the earliest known full-length portrait of the Queen. The group found that each painting symbolized something different and found it interesting to read the story and history behind each. 

Finally, the students visited the 'Ey Exhibition, Impressionists in London, French Artists in Exile 1870-1904'. Some of of the group stopped to take photos of the River Thames, finding inspiration from Claude Monet's impressions of the Thames and his ‘Leicester Square at Night’. The group also had the chance to see Camille Pissarro’s impressions on the ‘Charing Cross Bridge’ which were extraordinary; a remarkable painting style.  

This proved a fantastic trip, enabling students to gain a better idea of what to do for their upcoming art exam and how to express creativity. Thank you to everyone involved in the trip, and to Fifth Form student Pia W for this report.