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'Beyond Bloxham' Assembly Series

This term marks the start of a series of assemblies called 'Beyond Bloxham' in which students will have the opportunity to hear from outside speakers from all areas of expertise, as well as house-led assemblies which will welcome back Old Bloxhamists speakers.

The aim of the series is to address a number of different aspects. This week, Mr Moir spoke to students about the eight children Bloxham sponsors via the money raised on non uniform days, some of which we have been sponsoring since 2003. Later in the term we will welcome visitors from the National Citizens Service who will lead an assembly on summer opportunities for Fifth and Sixth Form students; we will hear from staff members about the Eramsus project - an international teacher-exchange programme in which Bloxham takes part; as well as receiving input from our own international students sharing their broader experience of cultures around the world.

The other half of the series focusses on house-led assemblies in which OB speakers will be welcomed back to give our current students a sense of the possibilities that may lie ahead of them. Each house will be represented by an OB of their choice, who will lead a whole school assembly, encouraging students to consider their futures - a task which can often be a daunting and worrying process for many. These OBs may visit the school physically, join us through videos, or simply be current students telling their stories. This will hopefully allow our students to see how fairly recent leavers, who were just like them a few years ago, have gone on to flourish in many different ways. We hope that every presentation will show something of what the OBs value from their time at Bloxham, what it taught and gave them, as well the odd humourous recollection of their life and staff at Bloxham in their time.

The aim of the series is to give our students the chance to hear from a variety of different people and to learn about their experiences and the ways in which these may have shaped them. So far, students have had the chance to hear from OB Isaac Spring (Eg 03-10) who offered words of wisdom; 'be nice, be humble, and be yourself' and 'do not be afraid to ask for help', OB Max Langer (Eg 10-16) and OB Ellie White (Ry 03-10).