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Olympic Gold Medallist Hollie Webb Visits Bloxham School!

Bloxham School Hollie Webb Olympic Gold Medallist Hockey TrainingOn Friday 3rd February, hockey players from the First and Second Form had the unique chance to spend the afternoon with Olympic gold medallist Hollie Webb. 

Rain did little to dampen the excitement of the day, and amidst cries of "lets take selfies" a queue rapidly formed for the signing of t-shirts, hockey sticks, stick bags and photos! Coach Richard Hobley had set up a number of exercises for the students and Hollie to rotate through, and she gave out great tips and advice, joining in with the exercises to demonstrate good tackling techniques. The students had a question and answer session where they asked details about Hollie's amazing results at the Rio 2016 Olympics where she shot the winning goal and about the equipment she uses. Hollie also answered questions on balancing sports throughout her school life, what it takes to be a professional sportswomen and what it is like to be a leader within the National Team.

Thank you so much to Hollie being so engaging and smiley, giving the students plenty to aspire to in terms of both athletic talent and equally significant, the importance of having a humble and generous personality as a professional sports player.

Photos from the day can be viewed on the Flickr account here.