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"How to Run Your Own Business" - Fascinating Insights from Serial Entrepreneur

Peter Higgins on Running Your Own Business at Bloxham SchoolThis term's Sixth Form Seminar Series lecture brought to life the realities of entrepreneurship and running your own business.

Peter Higgins, former chairman of Cath Kidston and founder of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts, started his lecture by emphasising the importance of ensuring your business idea has something that sets it apart from its competitors. Peter complemented his talk with amusing anecdotes, speaking about both his successes and his failures, highlighting "what not to do" when starting up. He spoke about mistakes as essential to learning; he "never made the same mistake twice" as well as emphasising the importance of a go-getting, resilient attitiude. Peter commented on the resilience he had seen first hand at Bloxham, when he watched his son play against the Bloxham rugby teams year after year, saying their ability to pull together as a team saw them make impressive improvements as they moved up the school. In his summary, Peter rounded up the key questions to ask before starting your own business:

Peter Higgins Starting Your Own Business

A huge thank you to Peter for giving such an inspiring talk to our Sixth Form, many of whom expressed an interest in starting their own business, and found his question and answer session very helpful.