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Bloxham School Sport Represented at Regional & National Level

Bloxham School takes pride in its reputation of promoting sport and fitness amongst its students. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that there is an impressive level of representation by students across a range of sports and disciplines.

Well done to the following students on their achievements:


Girls’ county–
M. Wilcox, G. Hopkins, C. Lee, F. Howells

Girls’ regional–
L. Thomas, C. Boland, A. Gulliver, E. Cavender, S. Robbins

Girls’ School Games–
L. Heathcote (ENG)

Boys’ county–
D. Cronin, M. Haylor, O. Hunt, F. Symons, C. Bygate

Boys' regional - 
F. Dunleavy, E. Whitfield, A. Elliot

Boys’ School Games–
F. Dunleavy (ENG)



Boys’ district –
J. Lloyd (Wasps), O. Betteridge, (Northampton Academy), F. Betteridge (Northampton Academy)

Boys’ county –
W. Brown (and Wasps), C. Mallock, J. Briggs, W. Beament, T. Staveley Parker, P. Hunt, H. Fellingham

Boys’ regional–
G. Grieve (and Saints), O. Kilgallon (and Saints), G. Speakman (and Saints), A. Barbeary (and Wasps)



Boys’ district–
B. Sinton, S. Church, O. Betteridge, H. Simmonds

Boys’ county–
C. Oakey, O. Woodcock, O. Morgan, O. Maginnis

Girls’ county–
E. Cavender, I. Clarke



Boys’ - 
A. Urquhart (GB)



Boys’ national -
J. Vaughn (ENG)



Girls’ county -
I. Yates, S. Towell



Girls' national - 
A. Hagan (ENG)