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Flying Start to National Careers Week

Careers Club Lunch HelicopterRecently, Bloxham School celebrated National Careers Week and there were various visits by experts, tutor time quizzes and careers-based lessons happening throughout the week, for students from First Form to Upper Sixth Form.

On Monday 2nd March, students attending the Careers Lunch Club, looked to the skies to broaden their minds to the opportunities that are out there, with a visit from Commercial Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor at Wellsbourne, Matthew Browne.

Matthew landed on 2nd Field, ready to share all he knows about the various career opportunities for helicopter pilots. The Students asked questions about pilot training, the new technologies involved, the interesting career opportunities for airborne medics (helimeds), and the day-to-day tasks that a helicopter pilot might undertake.

Matthew also spoke about Heli Air, who are one of the UK's largest on-shore helicopter operators, catering for private helicopters, commercial air transport flights, utility surveillance flights, Sightseeing tours and aerial filming/photography flights. A large part of Heli Air involves training pilots for private and commercial licences and more information about this can be found here.

Overall, the students really enjoyed their Careers Lunch Club experience, with the added bonus of being able to sit in the helicopter cockpit! One student commented that the event was an “amazing opportunity” and another noted that she “dreams of working for an air ambulance crew.” Everyone agreed that it was one of the most memorable lunchtimes they’ve had at Bloxham School.

See more photos from the day on our Flickr page.

Careers Club Lunch Helicopter