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Bloxham Apprentice 2018

Yesterday, we hosted Bloxham Apprentice Challenge 2018 in which we invited six leading prep schools to Bloxham for a day of business!

Students from Ashfold, Spratton Hall, Winchester House, St Hugh's, Bruern Abbey and Swanbourne were in attendance, and were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for a new yoghurt brand aimed towards the children’s market. Students put together presentations, slogons, jingles and posters to battle it out for the title of Bloxham Apprentice 2018. Business ideas included Yoda Yoghurts, Super Swirl Sunday and Skinny Pots Pots Pots, with the winning concept taken by Ashfold's Explodo brand. 

The day proved a brilliant platform for learning business skills, channelling creativity and encouraging entrepreneurship. Thank you to all schools in attendance, and to everyone who made the day such a success. Special thanks to Mr Hussain (AKA the Guvna') and to his Apprentice-style panel of judges for their expertise and encouragement.

To view photos of the day, click here.