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A Level Drama Students Stun Audience with 'Weird and Magical' Play

On Friday 26th January, the A Level Drama & Theatre group gave an astonishing performance of The Wonderful World of Dissocia by Anthony Neilson.

This was a weird and magical play that took the audience on a trip away from reality, to explore a world of psychological disconnection. Ashleigh D was amazing as the ‘everyman’ character Lisa Montgomery-Jones and provided the perfect foil for the other wackier members of the ensemble: the astonishing Holly K, the superbly comic Harris MP, the sublime Amelia H and magnificent Samuel D. All were admirably supported by George L who was responsible for lighting the piece. 

The group then went on to perform a series of monologues: Ashleigh gave a heartfelt performance as Laura from The Arcata Promise; Amelia, an extremely moving portrayal of Libby from Blue Window; Holly, a devastating performance as the terminally ill Angela from Like A Virgin; Harris, a wonderfully understated and moving portrayal of Raymond from Nil By Mouth; and Samuel gave an inspirational performance as Draycott from The Winterling, again ably supported by George on lights. 

A big thank you to all those staff, students, parents and friends for supporting the group by agreeing to be part of the audience, and to Miss Single for this report. To view photos from the performances, please click here