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Bloxham School Eventer Challenge Grand Final

This weekend saw the grand final of the Bloxham School Eventer Challenge, hosted at Aston-le-Walls.

The Eventer Challenge series began back in October and riders have been accumulating points across the course of the event. Those scoring the most points were invited to return for the grand final on Sunday 21st February. The event was a huge succes, with over 100 young riders welcomed back to compete in this invitational final, comprising five different classes and difficulty levels. All riders did brilliantly, holding their nerve despite the big occasion and each rider enjoyed having another opportunity to compete on such a wonderful course.

Prizes were awarded in each section to the league winners - those riders who accumulated the most points across the series. In the younger classes, the highest scoring teams across the series were also awarded a trophy.

Congratulations to all riders who took part in this year's Eventer Challenge series - a list of league winners is below:

65cm class:

Team: Beachborough

1st: U. Levett (The Croft Prep School)

2nd: J. Levett (The Croft Prep School)

3rd: H. Goodrich (Beachborough)

80cm (Pre-intro) class:

Team: Bloxham

1st: Amy Skan (Bloxham)

2nd: C. Linnell (Beachborough)

3rd: C. Morgan (Beachborough)

90cm (Intro) class:

Team: Bloxham

1st: K. Woodhead (King's High)

2nd: L. Neal (Bloxham)

3rd: M.Watts (Beachborough)

100cm (Pre-novice) class:

1st: T. Steele (Bloxham)

2nd: C. Morgan (Beachborough)

3rd: T. Bird (Bloxham)

110cm (Novice) class:

1st: I. Willes (Bloxham)

2nd: E Thomas

3rd: C. Mason (Bloxham)

After the success of this year's event, we are already looking forward to reuniting with Washbrook Farm for next year's Eventer Challenge series - you can view the promotional flyer, including dates, here

A full album of photographs taken at the final can be viewed on our Flickr album.