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Magical Music at Bloxham's Michaelmas Concert

Thank you to Upper Sixth's Max Durham for his report on this year's wonderful Bloxham School Michaelmas Concert:

For me personally, the Michaelmas Concert has been the pinnacle of the Michaelmas calendar. A variety of genres, instruments, performers and a well-organised show kept the audience engaged throughout!

A particular highlight was the Wind Band’s Lady Gaga dance remix - the sound of trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, horns and flutes filled the Great Hall with the distinguishable sound of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, Bad Romance and Just Dance. The Band, backed by Ben Cook on the drums, presented a bold and melodic performance that lifted the energy of the room and paved the way for a most enjoyable evening.

Another highlight was the Harmonix performance of William Blitheman's In Pace. This a cappella piece for SATB (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) created a sincere and tranquil atmosphere, which stemmed from the 16th Century composer's use of counterpoint and plain song.

It would be cruel for me not to congratulate all the ensembles and soloists who participated in such a fantastic evening of musical entertainment.  Well done to the Wind Orchestra, Flo Krajewski, the Clarinet Quartet, Chapel Choir, Oliver Brown, Wilberforce Part-song, Alex Redpath, Harmonix and the Orchestra - a collection consisting of at least 60 very talented musicians and singers. It was clear that everyone had worked very hard in preparation for the evening and their enthusiam and hard work culminated a thoroughly successful concert.

You can see an album of photos that have been taken over what has been a busy and successful term for the Bloxham Music Department here.