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Chairman of Governors Appointed as Senior Independent Director by Woodard Corporation Board

Congratulations to our Chairman of Governors, Miles Hedges, who has recently been appointed by the Woodard Corporation Board as its Senior Independent Director.

Miles was educated at Bloxham School (Cr 69-74) before becoming Finance Director of The Open University and then Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Miles is also Chairman of the Woodard Audit Committee and has been a member of the Woodard Board for many years.

Woodard are a national group of schools which aim to provide excellent education to children and young people across the country. Their primary purpose is to awaken a love of learning in all – children, students and teachers – and to do this within a value rich and value driven context that recognises the unique value of each individual person and our responsibility towards each other. Distinctively the group includes schools in both the public and private sectors, working together for mutual benefit.

Established by Nathaniel Woodard in 1848, all Woodard schools have an outstanding reputation for providing academic excellence coupled with unrivalled pastoral care. With a supportive and enriching environment, Woodard schools empower their pupils and provide the confidence which enables them to lead rich and fulfilled lives.

Independent and maintained, senior and prep, co-educational and single sex, boarding and day, all Woodard schools share the Founder’s vision of high quality education in an actively Christian environment, combined with the principle that each child should be treated as an individual, be given opportunities to flourish, and develop the confidence and capability to cope with the demands and responsibilities of adult life. Such a vision challenges those who believe that education is simply a matter of teaching and learning certain facts.